McLean Law Group LLC


Law Practice AreasAreas of Practice

McLean Law Group represents clients in the following practice areas:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Law 
  • Personal Injury

Commercial Litigation
The successful resolution of disputes is a cornerstone of the McLean Law Group.  We recognize that most successful businesses view litigation as a costly distraction from their everyday business.  We aim to achieve our clients' business goals as quickly as possible.  Accordingly, we attempt to reach our clients' objectives without protracted litigation.  When negotiation fails, however, we litigate aggressively to achieve superior results for our clients.
Employment Law
We counsel businesses and individuals on a wide range of employment-related issues.  Specifically, we assist employers and employees by negotiating and drafting engagement and termination agreements, conducting internal investigations of alleged employee wrongdoing and counseling our clients on compliance with state and federal employment laws and litigation avoidance.
In the event litigation arises, we litigate cases involving sexual harassment and employment discrimination based on age, gender, handicap, race, national origin and religion.  We also litigate cases involving violation of the wage payment statutes, privacy statutes and employment-related contracts, including the enforcement of noncompetition and nondisclosure provisions, breaches of fiduciary duty and the misappropriation of confidential information and trade secrets.
Personal Injury
We are experienced in representing plaintiffs and defendants in claims for personal injuries including negligence, premises liability, medical malpractice and product liability.